Missio Dei Houston- This is the Missio Dei site set up by Mark Ball.

It's what Mark has described as a 'crowdsourced church'. I went there for years, Salvador (a T4 scout) has been going there too. It was an offshoot from the Church of the Redeemer.


Church of The Redeemer current website - The official Redeemer Episcopal website.  Redeemer Episcopal used to host Troop 4.  They are still Troop 4's sponsor. But the building they once used is no longer theirs, and they now meet as a second congregation that is using and supporting the Redeemer Lutheran church facilities.


Redeemer Lutheran - the church building where Troop 4 met in its final few years of existence. A lot of scouts left in the shuffle, and the closing of the old Redeemer building and subsequent sudden relocation, may have been a major factor in the troop's later 'death spiral'. - Official BSA site... also known as bland vanilla mainstream Scouting... we'll link to them but they won't link to us because we have a sense of humor and are honest about our flaws and theirs, too.  By the way, Boy Scouts of America membership has shrunk by 12% in the last decade...   If you've seen the 'Recruiting' requirement in the new scout handbook, they probably put it there because they're desperately looking for people who will put up with their bureaucracy, rising fees, paperwork, and often still restrictive membership policies. Oh, and they keep getting sued by a ton of people who were abused. (See?  Honesty.  If you're overweight, you can't attend official BSA summer camps.  Why?  Because the BSA says so.  It's official policy now...   Guess who stopped attending official BSA summer camps and instead custom-designs road trips to state and national parks? 

That's right, Troop 4.  Usually.)


There are many other links I wish I could include related to my projects but I can't safely post that stuff here even if sort of relevant in some cases, due to potential legal issues.  *mumble grumble mumble*