I've made a number of hand-drawn comics over the years, based on Troop 4.

Arkansas Comic - Often regarded as my best Troop 4 comic, the Arkansas comic is a 14-page spoof of Troop 4's memorable summer camp trip to Arkansas.  It features the same bizarrely weird sense of humor found in my other work, the sort of over-the-top nonsensicality that either hits or misses but evokes a definite "What the hell?" reaction whether people like it or not.

Troop 4 Mississippi Trip Comic - Just recently placed online.  Covers the subject of a service-project trip to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, in the most irreverent and offbeat ways possible.

Troop 4: Uncensored, pt. 4, aka 'Diamond War': I wrote this as a script but I never saw any way it could realistically be made into a video.  So I took this feature-length crazy comedy text and started turning it into a very long comic book.

It is about to become available - at least the first few parts - here, with more showing up gradually over time.

If you want to have a paper copy of these I *occasionally* have a bunch of these available as handouts at the local Houston event I'm planning, along with DVDs/BluRays and other stuff.  Or, you could just print the PDFs out on your home printer.